About us

As the main point in the Netherlands, LAPS, research institute for art and public space, contributes to the development, disclosure and presentation of knowledge on art and public space. The research institute developed a partnership between the Gerrit Rietveld Academie (GRA), the Sandberg Instituut (SI), the Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA), Foundation for Art in Public Domain (SKOR) and the Virtueel Museum Zuidas (VMZ).

The research institute carries out research, on the one hand on fundamental problems and basic principles in regard to art, design and the public domain, and on the other hand to practical problems in relation to specific situations. LAPS, research institute for art and public space, works for commissioners that vary from public authorities to organizations and freelancers. Besides this, the research institute also initiates its own research and distributes the results through symposia, lectures, debates, publications and exhibitions. Furthermore LAPS manages the website Digital Helpdesk Art & Public Space, and makes this accessible for public.

Within the GRA and SI, LAPS, research institute for art and public space builds a ‘knowledge network’ that initiates, coordinates and discusses research by teachers and external experts on art and public space. In relation to this research education projects are set up in which theoretical notions and reflections are used to engage groups of students. LAPS also facilitates the research programme ‘Making Things Public’ in which a select group of researchers under the guidance of dr. Paula Albuquerque do their PhD research. Besides this LAPS focuses on the expansion and reinforcement of the theory education in the academy in general.


Jeroen Boomgaard  is an art historian and art critic. He is held the position of Professor of Art and Public Space at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie until February 2022.

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