23rd of May 4PM-6.30PM

EVENT: Prepper Culture – Monday 23rd of May 4PM

On the Aesthetics, Politics and Philosophy of Preparing for Dystopia



Preparing for unforeseen and uncertain times is as old as humankind. War, the pandemic, and the unfolding climate crisis have given new impetus to the phenomenon of prepper culture, from building bunkers, panic rooms, and going off-grid to hoarding canned food and growing hydroponic vegetables. What is the worldview of the prepper? And what kind of life is the life of a survivalist? How to resolve the precarious uncertainty of our times? How to find relief in finality?

Artists, designers and researchers share their interest in and work on prepper culture, prompting a discussion on the aesthetics, politics and philosophy of preparing for disaster.

Join us on Monday, May 23, from 16.00-18.30 at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, for presentations and discussions on the imagination of the end times in art, design, architecture, and philosophy. (Location: Theorietrap, FedLev Building, No RSVP needed)

With presentations by

Ward Janssen (curator)

Dennis de Bel (artist)

Theo Triantafyllidis & Kostis Stafylakis (artists)

Flavia Dzodan (Sandberg Instituut)

Tom Vandeputte (Sandberg Instituut)

Introduction and moderation by Patricia de Vries (Professor at LAPS)