Nina Glockner

The Research Fellowship Programme: Nina Glockner


Mind the Body, Move Matter

Within the scope of this fellowship, and rooted in both her artistic practice and ongoing research on Scores & Structures and Somatic Studies, Nina Glockner explores how Materiality is altered by subjective awareness, and develops a concrete spectrum of Scores as ‘exercises’ for that awareness, equally focussing on Moving/ Thinking/ Sensing/ Feeling.

The interrelatedness between the processing subject and the processed material is a relevant aspect: to which degree can a change of the subject’s intention, attention, and perceptiveness lead to a change of artistic process, action, and outcome?

In cross-disciplinary collaborations with students, staff, and guests, and a practice-based research approach –including weekly performative sessions held at the academy– she explores how somatic and performative knowledge can be applied to new methodologies and tools within contemporary art/ design production, education, and beyond.

Amsterdam-based artist Nina Glockner  holds a Master in Fine arts from Sandberg Institute (NL), a Bachelor from Minerva Academie in Groningen (NL), and has studied philosophy at Humboldt University Berlin (D). Recently she has been artist-in-residence at the Jan van Eyck Academy Maastricht.

Nina Glockner’s practice consists of (object-based) performances, installations, video, text, and collaborative somatic research, and is about exploring the thin line between executing control and being under a state of control while revealing rather than producing connections. It deals with (power) relationships among humans, bodies, minds, objects, and actions in a given space – ranging from institutional and organisational, to the private. It is about creating a dialogue between the building modules that mark the social playground and examining where subjectivity reveals an encounter with the other. And how to negotiate this encounter (un)aware of the systematic structures that influence its circumstance.