Martín La Roche

Kenniskring / Knowledge Network: Martín la Roche


The Kennniskring research of La Roche focuses on the different ways that oral traditions, storytelling, writing, print and digital media, work as a social tissue that allows public space to be represented and fictionalized. The investigation explores the role that particular narratives and fictions play in the process of ‘becoming public’ of a space.

La Roche seeks to trace a collection of different objects and memories that could give shape to an ever-changing script to be performed in the public realm. Taking as a point of departure his practice of the Musée Légitime, this study aims to make a reconsideration of specific narratives that could add to the construction of this nomad institution and to be transformed into new actions.

La Roche’s research will develop into an ongoing performance in and beyond Amsterdam. Traces of this experience will be found in a website, that will become then a printed publication: the catalogue raisonné of the Musée Légitime, the organization of an exhibition called Sufferin’ Succotash at PuntWG, a podcast series and a sound installation dealing with the ‘roman room’ technique in collaboration with Muro Sur, Cookies and Rozenstraat, and an art exhibition in collaboration with writer Mirthe Berentsen at the Beautiful Distress House.


Martin La Roche (Santiago Chile, 1988) studied Visual Arts at the University of Chile in Santiago and then in 2015 he completed a postgraduate program at the Jan Van Eyck Academie in Maastricht, the Netherlands, and since then lives and works between Amsterdam and Santiago.  His practice explores the construction and way of being of networks. In 2017 he initiated the Musée Légitime, a nomad art institution that was born inside a hat. He is co-founder of Good Neighbour, an artist book platform that makes an art in the form of ‘words’.  He is also part of To see the inability to see, a collective research project around ‘archive’ and ‘anarchive’.