Baratto & Mouravas

The Research Fellowship Programme: Baratto & Mouravas


As part of the fellowship project Baratto & Mouravas (Nicola Baratto and Yiannis Mouravas) are working on ‘Archaeodreaming: Dreambook’ which is an archaeological investigation on the material aspects of dream documentation. The research is mapping out a series of artefacts depicting dreams and practical methods of dream incubation, questioning whether dream practices can still be understood as a means to morph our present individual and collective socio-political lives. What kind of dreams emerge in times of darkness? What are the patterns, architectures, objects, and actions that appear in current dream visions? What kind of subconscious feelings and desires does our world enforce upon individual and social imagination.

Nicola Baratto (IT, 1989) and Yiannis Mouravas (GR, 1986) are an artist duo navigating Archaeodreaming, a multi-disciplinary methodology that merges archaeology with dreamscape-making. Their work recounts narratives integrating history, mythology, material memory, personal dreams, and collective imagination. This practice generates installations, films, sculptures, cartography and publications.