This time around LOKO12 was a lot more small-scale then in previous years. The auditorium in the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam provided space for merely a 100 people and the decorations were a lot more low-key. LOKO, an initiative of SKOR, was organized by SKOR for the last time. This was why there was chosen for a transitional phase with the Lectoraat Art & Public Space (LAPS) of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie as co-organiser. Nonetheless was the need for the symposium LOKO as a meeting place for principals, artists and intermediaries more urgent than ever and the auditorium was filled-up well.

At the moment the field finds itself in an unruly time. Because of the economic crisis and the shrinking market, the budgets are strongly reduced or have even been annulled. This is why art wasn’t the central point this year, but the (uncertain) position of the intermediary in the public domain and the question was asked: where are we going to with our profession and how do we organize this? The day was divided up into two sessions. During the morning the subject was elaborately mapped out by different speakers. In the course of the afternoon program three central questions were drawn up by different people from the profession to which the public could react afterwards. The three central questions were:

-How do you take responsibility as an intermediary? How do you do your job as a project manager, acquisitor and ambassador in the new market situation?
-How can we organize ourselves as guardians of profession  and with whom? And how does this relate to LOKO?
-How can we finance our profession? Where are the chances within the contemporary financing of spacial quality and culture?

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Photography: Marlies Merkelbach